Warranty And Health Disclaimer

Health Disclaimer:

Goran is not your doctor, physical therapist or even your personal trainer. So, before jumping right into it, make sure that you are physically fit to do so. 

MABA Fitness, and Goran, are not responsible for any injuries caused before, during and after each exercise. It is your sole responsibility to gauge to which extend you may push your body. 

Any suggestions made by Goran in any, and all, of the videos on this website, are for educational purposes only. Your daily routines, techniques and execution of the exercises and/or stretches may be different and therefore result in a different outcome.

Most of these exercises may require you to work on parts of your body you haven’t worked out before. These may strain your body and muscles and you need to execute them carefully and at your own pace.

These are not a get buff-high-intensity workouts. These are correctional workouts that focus rather on correctly doing the exercises than just getting it over faster.  

If you have any previous injuries, are unable to perform certain exercises or you injure yourself during some of the exercises or stretches, STOP and consult with your local professional, whether it is a doctor, physical therapist or personal trainer immediately.

Money Back Guarantee

The money back guarantee applies only to certain items sold on this website at a one-time purchase price. At the time of writing this includes, but is not limited to, the Overpronation Fitness Program

There are no refunds on subscription packages.

At this point, Goran would like to address this as follows. If you truly dedicate your precious time and effort into performing these exercises and stretches as per his suggestion, you will definitely see a lot of improvement, if not a complete transformation, of your feet and body posture. 

If, however, you do not follow his guidelines and do not push yourself a little, your results will be almost non-existing. Therefore, please do not waste your time and money on something that you are not willing to commit to. 

On the other hand, you dedicated your time and effort, you kept pushing yourself, but for some reason you did not see results, Goran will refund your entire one-time payment as long as you fulfill some criteria.

A full refund is contingent on the following criteria:

- You purchased a one-time payment option;

- You must provide proof of purchase;

- You must contact Goran Blazeski directly for a full refund;

- You must submit a refund request no later than 7 days after the duration of the schedule of the fitness program. 

- You must complete the entire fitness program and all its recommended routines 

- You must submit all your recordings for revision to Goran Blazeski through this website or his social media accounts

A full refund policy is void in the following cases:

- You purchased a subscription package and not a one-time payment option.

- You are missing proof of purchase;

- You have not contacted Goran;

- You did not finish the program as scheduled and have prolonged it to fit to your personal schedule;

(For example: The program lasts 6 weeks but you were able to finish it in 8 weeks. This voids your refund request because it does not follow the guidelines as stated by Goran.)

- You skipped some days to fast-track the end of the program, therefore not completing the entire program as recommended by Goran.

- You failed to perform all of the recommended routines Goran has suggested during the duration of the program. This may include, but is not limited to: recording yourself before the program starts and at the end of day 6 for each week during the duration of the entire program; not obtaining the proper equipment to perform exercises that require it; 

- You fail to submit your recordings for Goran to review.